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Criminal Law Attorney

Have you or a loved one been charged with a criminal offense in the city of Roswell or within the state of New Mexico? Here at Ragsdale Law Firm, we understand what a frightening and overwhelming situation you are in. Thankfully, the United States government has created a justice system wherein you are innocent until proven guilty. When a criminal allegation is filed against you, whether true or false, you still have rights assigned to you. However, you will need an expert criminal attorney to protect your rights. We have been practicing criminal defense for years in the State of New Mexico.

We have experience in most counties and with many of the judges throughout the state. No matter what the criminal charge, we should be your first choice as a defense attorney. DUI, domestic violence, drug-related charges, assault and battery, sex crimes, embezzlement, theft, arson, first-degree murder, arson, trespassing, and vandalism are all examples of cases that we have successfully tried here at Ragsdale Law Firm. Call today to speak to one of our Criminal Law Specialists, no matter what the crime.


If you choose us as your representation, we will do the following:

*Use our own private investigators to research the facts of your alleged crime.

*Practice total attorney/client privilege, giving you full confidence that any information you give us regarding your case will not be used against you.

*Handle communications with law enforcement, opposing counsel, and the plaintiff, minimizing your contact and stress while ensuring that your rights are protected.

*Ensure that the federal, state, and/or local governments adhere to all applicable rule of criminal procedure.

*Protect your constitutional rights.

*Fight the prosecution’s ability to use evidence obtained through illegal search and seizure.

Some crimes are considered “minor” or “petty”, but here at Ragsdale Law Firm, we recognize that there is no minor crime to someone who has been accused. A criminal charge can damage your reputation, affect your ability to gain and retain employment, hurt your family and friendships, and cause undue financial stress. You need the best defense attorney to help you navigate the court systems of the State of New Mexico. Call and schedule an appointment today. The initial consultation is free. If you choose to retain us as your defense attorneys, our legal team will work hard to win your case affordably. 575-208-5300