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New Mexico Oilfield Accident Lawyer

The current rise in oil and natural gas costs has led to an impressive resurgence of drilling and oilfield service undertaking inside the U . S .. It’s the same in New Mexico, among the biggest oil and gas providing states. Combined with the boost in oilfield activity, there’s been a rise in oilfield accidental injuries.

Oilfield accidents frequently happen whenever businesses neglect to use sensible measures to prevent accidents. Many accidents are avoidable and happen due to negligence, incorrect staff instruction, poor upkeep of equipment, or equipment malfunction. If you’ve been seriously injured or you lost someone close in an oil field accident, contact us today for a no cost assessment with an experienced New Mexico personal injury lawyer.

Oilfield accidents can be serious and lead to serious long-term impairment that stops the injured individual from going back to work, causing lost pay. Even though tight safety requirements are often set up to avoid oil field injuries, oil field employees endure on-the-job injuries too often. The most typical injuries take place because of:


Faulty or improper gear

Poisonous gases

Container explosion

Insufficient procedures and policies


Over-worked staff

Limited safety plans

Unskilled workers

Substance abuse


An in depth study of such activities ought to concentrate on identifying who’s responsible. On many occasions, you will find numerous parties who have different levels of responsibility. A comprehensive investigation will help overcome a number of the obstacles in proving legal responsibility.

There are numerous probable circumstances for an oilfield accident. A few of these could be:

  • If you’re injured at the job and your company doesn’t have workers’ compensation insurance coverage, you could have a case against your employer. Our attorneys can look into the accident to figure out your legal rights.
  • In case you are hurt by a piece of equipment that fell off a trailer, you can apply for workers’ compensation from your company but still make a case against the delivery company.
  • If your injury was the result of a harmful or faulty item, you might be in a position to file legal action against the company that created this product.

Different treatments could be accessible to you anytime the facts change. It is essential for your attorney to understand the specifics as to what occurred.

If you or a loved one has been hurt or if a family member has been killed due to an oilfield or industrial accident within New Mexico, don’t be afraid to call Ragsdale Law Firm to go over your case. Even if the employer has workers’ compensation insurance, often times other parties are responsible for the injuries and the best way to find out if you have a claim is through speaking to us. With personal expertise in the “oil patch”, we can help. We have knowledge of the industry.

Ragsdale Law Firm can talk with you at our law firm, or in certain cases, we will go to meet you. Contact us anytime for a no cost assessment with an attorney proficient in the area of industrial and oilfield accidents. If you would like a free consultation regarding your case or one of our many other services, please call us at 575-208-5300.